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EPTA has produced articles in the Bulletin of the EPTA since 1981. It changed its title to the Journal of the European Pentecostal Theological Association in 1991 under Keith Warrington’s editorship.  By 2005 William K. Kay took over as editor and in 2006 took the journal to two issues per year.

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Here are the available pdfs from earlier issues.

JEPTA Book Reviews only 1982-1985 [earliest to later]

JEPTA 1981 1JEPTA 1982 1-3JEPTA 1982 1-4JEPTA 1983 02-4JEPTA 1983 2-1JEPTA 1983 2-2JEPTA 1984 03-2;

JEPTA 1985 4.1-3 JEPTA 1985 04-2JEPTA 1985 04-3

  1. European Pentecostal Reactions to Totalitarianism [1] Jean-Daniel Pluess.
  2. European Pentecostal Reactions to Totalitarianism [2] Jean-Daniel Pluess
  3. Pentecostal Research in Europe Walter Hollenweger.
  4. 1986 5.1-3
  5. Early European Scholarly Perspectives on Pentecostalism David D Bundy
  6. Alexander Boddy and the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Sunderland William K Kay.
  7. Charismatic renewal in Belgium: A bibliographical essay. David Bundy.
  8. Toward a Pentecostal Missiology, Donald D. Smeeton [photocopies]

JEPTA 1987 6.1-4  JEPTA 1987 06-1JEPTA 1987 06-2JEPTA 1987 06-3

  1. How public are public testimonies? A short reflection on a liturgical practice, Jean-Daniel Pluess
  2. The Swedish Pentecostal Movement, A. Lindberg
  3. The Proceedings of the Leaders Meetings (1908-1911) and the International Pentecostal Church (1912-1914), Cornelius Van Der Laan
  4. Programme of Inter-Cultural Learning in Europe, Roswith Gerloff

JEPTA 1988 7.1-4  JEPTA 1988 07-1JEPTA 1988 07-2JEPTA 1988 07-3JEPTA 1988 07-4;

  1. British Assemblies of God in the 1930s, William K Kay
  2. Pentecostisme et evangelicalisme: prolegome pour une analyse semantique et implications relationelles, Raymond Pfister
  3. The Making of a Pentecostal Theologian: The Writings of Louis Dalliere, 1922-1932, David D. Bundy
  4. Baptism of the Spirit in Pauline Thought, David Petts
  5. Different Manifestations of the Charismatic Movement, Harri Heind.


 JEPTA 1989 8. JEPTA 1989 08-1JEPTA 1989 08-2JEPTA 1989 08-3JEPTA 1989 08-4

  1. A Flirtation with Elim – Donald Gees Publication to Join the Elim Pentecostal Alliance in 1923 (1), Richard Massey
  2. The Theology of Gerrit Polman – Dutch Pentecostal Pioneer, Cornelius Van Der Laan
  3. Louise Dalliere (1932-1939): The Development of a Pentecostal Apologetic, David D. Bundy
  4. Experience of the Spirit in Apartheid South Africa, Nico Horn
  5. Some Observations on James 5-13, 18, Keith Warrington

JEPTA 1990 JEPTA 1990 09-1JEPTA 1990 09-2+3JEPTA 1990 09-4

  1. Pentecostal Ministry in a Marxist Context, Peter Kuzmic
  2. A Synopsis of Norwegian Pentecostal History, Frank M. Matre
  3. The Meaning and Purpose of Spirit Baptism and the Charisms, Jean-Jacque Suurmond

JEPTA 1991  JEPTA 1991 10-1JEPTA 1991 10-2

  1. Christian Social Responsibility, Matthias Wenk
  2. Some Reflections on Social Ministry in European Pentecostal Churches: 3 case studies, Raymond Pfister
  3. The Meaning for a Relevant Pentecostal Witness in South Africa, Japie Lapoorta
  4. The Church of God in Germany: Missiological Options for a Maturing Pentecostal Church, Grant McClung
  5. Crossing Borders arguments used by early American Pentecostals in Support of the Global Character of Pacifism, Murray Dempster.
  6. The Gospel of Mark:  An Exegesis of Mark 3:13-19, Matthias Wenk

JEPTA 1992  JEPTA 1992 11-1+2

  1. L’implantation des Assemblees Pentecotistes en Belgique Francophone, Daniel Brandt-Bessire
  2. The Development of the Perception of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit within the Pentecostal Movement in Great Britain, Timothy Bush.
  3. Pentecostalism and Academic Theology: from Confrontation to Co-operation, Walter Hollenweger.
  4. The Resurgence of Spirit Christology, Harold Hunter.
  5. Three Generations On: The Methodology of Pentecostal History, William Kay.

JEPTA 1993  JEPTA 1993 12

  1. Anointing with Oil and Healing, Keith Warrington
  2. Healing and the Atonement, David Petts
  3. Do doctrinal boundaries protect our identity ok prevent fellowship? William K Kay
  4. History of the Assemblies of God in Portugal, R Dudley,

JEPTA 1994 JEPTA 1994 13

  1. The Influence of the Charismatic Movement on European Baptist Life and Mission: Theological Reflections, Nigel Wright
  2. Thomas Ball Barrett: from Methodist to Pentecostal, David D Bundy
  3. The Glossolalic Ostrich: Isolationism and Other-Worldliness in the British Assemblies of God, David Allen
  4. Cohabitation and the Church, Neil Hudson and Keith Warrington
  5. The Pentecostal Apostolic Church of God in Romania 1944-1990, Ioan Ceuta.

JEPTA 1995  JEPTA 1995 14

  1. Reconciliation and Reversal: John’s Pneumatic Ministry, Matthias Wenk
  2. James at the Centre, Richard Bauckham
  3. Discerning the Body: an analysis of Pentecostalism in the Netherlands , Cornelius Van Der Laan
  4. An Historical Perspective on the Doctrine of Divine Healing, Malcolm Taylor
  5. The Holy Spirit and the African Diaspora, Roswith Gerloff
  6. Personal Reflections on a Most Unusual Year, Neil Hudson

JEPTA 1996 JEPTA 1996 16

  1. The Charismatic Theology of Thomas Smail, Nigel Wright
  2. The Concept of Anointing in the Old Testament, Ake Viberg
  3. Towards a Biblical Understanding of Phenomena in Revival, Siegfried Schatzmann
  4. The Role of William Oliver Hutchinson and the Apostolic Faith Church in the Formation of British Pentecostal Churches, Malcolm Hathaway

JEPTA 1997 JEPTA 1997 17

  1. Biblical Story and the Way it Shapes our Story, John Goldingay
  2. The use of the Name (of Jesus) in Healing and Exorcism with Partial Reference to the Teachings of Kenneth Hagin, Keith Warrington
  3. Afro-Carribean Pentecostalism in Britain, Joel Edwards
  4. Regent Square Revisited Edward Irving – Precursor of the Pentecostal Movement, David Allen
  5. In Memory of Christ’s Sacrifice: Roots and Shoots of Elim’s Eucharistic Expression, Richard Bicknell.
  6. The Real Wigglesworth, Desmond W. Cartwright

JEPTA 1998 JEPTA 1998 18

  1. Baptism in the Holy Spirit…yet once more, James Dunn
  2. First Century Bible Study: Old Testament Motifs in 1 Peter 2:4-10, Richard France
  3. Revival and Renewal, Peter Hocken
  4. A Woman’s Place is on her Knees: The pastors view of the role of women in the Assemblies of God, William K Kay
  5. Pentecostal hermeneutics in the making: On the way from Fundamentalism to Postmodernism, Veli-Matti Karkkainen
  6. To Fly on the Wings of the Spirit: Spiritual Experience on the Early Church, Stuart Burns


JEPTA 1999  JEPTA 1999 19

  1. The Challenge of Reconciliation, Walter J. Hollenweger
  2. Community Forming Power: Reconciliation and the Spirit in Acts, Matthias Wenk
  3. Major Aspects of Healing within British Pentecostalism, Keith Warrington
  4. Are Pentecostals Pentecostal? A Revisit to the Doctrine of Pentecost, Colin Dye
  5. William Fetler – Friend of Pentecostalism in Latvia, Valdis Teraudkalns
  6. The Pentecostal Missionary Union and the Fourfold Gospel with Baptism in the Holy Spirit and Speaking in Tongues: A New Power for Missions? Peter Kay 

JEPTA 2000 JEPTA 2000 20

  1. Does Luke Believe Reception of the “Spirit of Prophecy” makes all “Prophets”? Inviting Dialogue with Roger Stronstad, Max Turner
  2. The “initial evidence”: implications of an empirical perspective in a British context, William K Kay
  3. A Historical and Theological Analysis of the Pentecostal Church in Poland, Wojciech Gajewski and Krzysztof Wawrzeniuk
  4. A Historical and Theological Analysis of the Pentecostal Church in the Czech and Slovak Republics, Josef Brenkus
  5. A Historical and Theological Analysis of the Pentecostal Church in Norway, David D Bundy
  6. The Function of the Laying on of Hands in the New Testament, John F. Tipei
  7. From the Ends of the Earth to the Ends of the Earth – The Expansion of the Finnish Pentecostal Missions from 1927to 1977, V-M Kärkkäinen 

JEPTA 2001 JEPTA 2001 21

  1.  Cecil M. Robeck, Jr., Roman Catholic-Pentecostal Dialogue: Some Pentecostal Assumptions,
  2. Huibert Zegwaart, The Place of the Church in the Economy of Salvation: Roman Catholic and Pentecostal Perspectives: Room for Rapprochement,
  3. Walter Hollenweger, Pentecostalism, Past, Present and Future,
  4. Neil Hudson, The Earliest Days of British Pentecostalism,
  5. Jim Robinson, Arthur Booth – Clibborn: Pentecostal Patriarch,
  6. Valdis Teraudkalns, Pentecostalism in the Baltics: Historical Retrospection,
  7. Rodica Pandrea, A Historical and Theological Analysis of the Pentecostal Church in Romania,

JEPTA 2002 JEPTA 2002 22

  1. Allan Anderson, Christian Missionaries and heathen Natives: the Cultural ethics of early Pentecostal missionaries,
  2. David D Bundy, Social Ethics in the church of the Poor: the cases of TB Barratt and Lewi Pethrus,
  3. Harold D Hunter, Some Ethical implications of Pentecostal Eschatology,
  4. L. Nwankwo, You have received the Spirit of power (2 Tim 1:17) Reviewing the Prosperity message in the light of empowerment,
  5. Spirit empowered peacemaking: towards a Pentecostal peace fellowship, P. N. Alexander
  6. G H Stassen, Recovering the Way of Jesus in the Sermon on the mount,

JEPTA 2003 12  JEPTA 2003 23

  1. M. Turnage, Early Church and the Axis of history & Pentecostalism,
  2. K. Warrington, Would Jesus have sent his disciples to Bible College?
  3. Its not what we do but the way we do it, K Warrington
  4. Do we need a distinct European Pentecostal /Charismatic approach to Theological Education? M Wenk
  5. Born in difficult times: the work of the Volks Mission and Karl Fix, B. Rockle & W Kay
  6. The Pentecostal Movement in Finland,  V-M Karkkainen
  7. Early Pentecostalism in Serbia  B Bejelajac

JEPTA 2004  JEPTA 2004 24

  1. Gordon Fee, Why Pentecostals read their Bibles poorly and some suggested cures
  2. R D Moore, The Prophetic calling: an Old Testament Profile and its Relevance for Today
  3. M Becker, A tenet under examination: reflections on the Pentecostal hermeneutical Approach
  4. P van der Laan, What is left behind? A Pentecostal response to eschatological Fiction
  5. W K Kay, Pentecostals and the Bible
  6. A E Dyer, Missionary Candidates to British Assemblies of God Overseas Missions 1945-54
  7. T Walsh, A sane People… Rhetoric and reality of collective worship during the first decade of the Pentecostal movement


JEPTA 2005  JEPTA 2005 25

  1. Power and Empowerment in the political context of South Africa by Nico Horn p..4
  2. Charismatic Experience and Psychological type: an empirical enquiry by Susan H Jones, Leslie J Francis & Charlotte L Craig  p.37
  3. There is power in the blood by Ben Pugh p.55
  4. The Spirit and Creation: Possiblities and Challenges for a Dialogue between Pentecostal Theology and the Sciences by Amos Yong.  p.83


JEPTA 2006.1 JEPTA 2006 26-1

  1. H. Letson, Serving His Generation: The Contribution of John Nelson Parr to the Pentecostal Movement,  p. 6
  2. Tony Richie, ‘The Unity of the Spirit: are Pentecostals inherently ecumenists and inclusivists?  p.21
  3. Anne E Dyer, Some Theological Trends Reflected in the Songs used by the British Charismatic Churches of 1970s-early 2000s    ……………………………………………………………………………38
  4. Ulrich Luz, Empowerment and Commission in the New Testament p.58
  5. Bradley Aron Cooper and NB Woodbridge, The Coming Revival in the Desert: Expecting God to move outside of the Traditional Church setting p.68
  6. William Atkinson, Angels and the Spirit in Luke-Acts p.82

JEPTA 2006.2 JEPTA 2006 26-2

  1. David Garrard, Questionable Assumptions in the Theory and Practice of Mission, p.102
  2. Andy Lord, A Response to Questionable Assumptions  p. 113
  3. David Garrard, A Response to Andy Lord’s Critique p.120
  4. Peter Kay, Personal Reflections on Incarnation as the Model for Mission p.128
  5. Bradford Anderson, Missional Orientation and Its Implications for Pentecostal Theological Education p.135
  6. Jackie Brock, Campus Ministry in Japan p.149
  7. William K Kay, Apostolic Networks and Mission   p. 158
  8. Matthew Wenk, Light: A Pentecostal Reading of a Biblical Metaphor p.170

JEPTA 2007.1  JEPTA 2007 27-1  JEPTA 2007 27-1

  1. Encountering Christ in the Full Gospel Way: An incarnational Pentecostal Spirituality by VELI-MATTI KÄRKKÄINEN p.5
  2. F. F. Bosworth and the Role of Women in His Life and Ministry ROSCOE BARNES III p.20
  3. A Comparison of Eysenck’s guilt construct in male and female Anglican clergy in the United Kingdom and male and female Assemblies of God Ministers in the United States by JAMES M HARRIS p.36
  4. Constructing Pentecostalism: on Issues of Methodology and Representation by MICHAEL BERGUNDER p. 52
  5. An Evaluation of the History of Covenant Ministries International and its offshoots from 1995 to the present day, EWAN ROBERTSON p. 72

JEPTA 2007.2  JEPTA 27-2 cover JEPTA 27 2 text

  1. Pentecostalism as a Paradigm Shift: a Response to Hans Kung’s  Paradigmatic Model by Harry Letson  p.100
  2. Revival: A Classic Pentecostal View, David Allen p. 114
  3. Black Pentecostal Churches in Britain by Desmond Cartwright. p. 125
  4. Eschatological Inclusivism: Exploring Early Pentecostal Theology of Religions in Charles Fox Parham Tony Richie p. 137
  5. Review Article of Robby Waddell’s The Spirit of the Book of Revelation, Mark Cartledge p.153
  6. A New Teaching without Authority: Preaching the Bible in Postmodernity by Andrew Davies p.162
  7. Empowerment: Sociological, Psychological, Organizational, and Biblical Perspectives for Empowering People and Organizations by Tomi Jarvin p.173
  8. Bible, Pentecostalism and Magic  Jan-Åke Alvarsson p.183

JEPTA 2008.1 JEPTA 28-1 cover oct26

 JEPTA 28.2 2008 all

  1. Psychological Type Preferences of Male British Assemblies of God Theological College students: tough-minded or tender-hearted? By WILLIAM K. KAY, LESLIE J. FRANCIS & CHARLOTTE CRAIG, .p.6   JEPTA 28 1 2008 WKay PersonalityTypesBibleCollStudents
  2. Pentecostal Experience: An Example of Practical-Theological Rescripting by MARK J. CARTLEDGE ……..21  JEPTA 28-1 2008 Cartledge PentExperience
  3. Poul Madsen and the Danish Kristent Fælleskab Movement by GEIR LIEp.34 JEPTA 2008 1 28-1 GLie on PMadsen
  4. Pentecostalism’s Anabaptist Heritage: The Zofingen Disputation of 1532 by CHARLES H. BYRD II  p.49  JEPTA 28 1 2008 C Byrd Anabaptist
  5. Pentecostalism: global trends and local adjustments HUGH OSGOOD p.62 JEPTA 28 1 2008 Osgood PentGlobal
  6. Review Article on Amos Yong’s, The Spirit Poured Out on All Flesh: Pentecostalism and the Possibility of Global Theology by FREDERICK WARE p.77
  7. A Response to Frederick Ware: Extending the conversation by AMOS YONG p. 84     [for these 2 see the ‘all’ file above]


JEPTA 2008.2  JEPTA 28.2 2008 all

  1. The Waves Keep Coming In by Michael Harper p.102
  2. The Early Pentecostal Theology of Confidence Magazine (1908-1926): A Version of the Five-Fold Gospel? by Mark Cartledge p.117
  3. The Role of Women in Early Pentecostalism by Diana Chapman, p.131
  4. Dealing with the Fire: Early Pentecostal Responses to the practices of speaking in tongues and spoken prophecy, by Neil Hudson, p.145
  5. The Human Face of Pentecostalism: Why the British Pentecostal Moment began in the Sunderland Parish of the Church of England Vicar Alexander Boddy by Gavin Wakefield p.158
  6. Jonathan Paul and The German Pentecostal Movement – The First Seven Years, 1907-1914 by Carl Simpson p.169
  7. Sunderland’s Legacy in New Denominations by William K Kay p. 183

JEPTA 29.1  2009 JEPTA 29-1 cover  JEPTA 2009 1 text

Editorial p.1

Paul van der Laan, Complex Pentecostal Identities Reflection on the EPTA-Conference at Senec, Slovakia, July 24-27, 2008 p. 2

Raymond Pfister, An urgent plea for a real Ecumenism of the Spirit   p. 8

Jouko Ruohomäki, The Call of Charisma: Charismatic Phenomena during the 18th and 19th Centuries in Finland   p. 26

Aaron Friesen, The Called Out of the Called Out: Charles Parham’s Doctrine of Spirit Baptism  p. 43

Geoff Craven, George Fox – Early Quaker Leader, Man of the Spirit  p.57

John S. Huckle, The contemporary use of the gift of prophecy in gatherings of Christians in comparison with their use in the 20th Century  p. 73


Spreading Fires: The Missionary nature of Early Pentecostalism  Allan Anderson ..reviewed by Anne E Dyer …………. 86

Hundert Jahre Deutsche Pfingstbewegung 1907-2007 by Paul Schmidgall …………reviewed by Carl Simpson ………… 88

The Gospel of John, The New Cambridge Bible Commentary by Jerome H. Neyrey, S.J.,…   reviewed by Riku Tuppuräinen p. 90

Discerning the Spirits. Theological and Ethical Hermeneutics by Paul André Munzinger…reviewed by Matthias Wenk p.91

Revolution, Revival and Religious Conflict in Sandinista Nicaragua by Calvin Smith   reviewed by  William K Kay p. 92


JEPTA 29.2 2009.2  JEPTA 2009 2 all  Jepta Vol.29 2 COVER

Editorial by WILLIAM K. KAY  p.1

PAUL ALEXANDER, Review of EPTA 2009 Conference, ETS Kniebis 30 April -2 May 09  p.2

OLGA ZAPROMETOVA, Experiencing the Holy Spirit: A Pentecostal Reading of the Early Church Fathers, p.4   JEPTA 2009 2 OZaprometova Early Church & H Spirit

LARRY SIEKAWITCH, Calvin, Spirit, Communion and the Supper  p.14  JEPTA 2009.2 LSiekwitch Eucharist

JOHN USHER, The Significance of Cecil H. Polhill for the Development of Early Pentecostalism  p.36  JEPTA 2009 2 Usher on Polhill final

VERENA SCHAFROTH, An Exegetical Exploration of ‘Spirit’ References in Ezekiel 36 and 37 p.61  JEPTA 2009 2 V Schafroth Ezekiel

JONATHAN BLACK, The Church as Eucharistic Fellowship: A British Apostolic Contribution toward a Pentecostal Ecclesiology   p.78   JEPTA 2009 2 J Black singlefinal

DAVID GARRARD, Leadership versus the Congregation in the Pentecostal/Charismatic Movement  p.90 JEPTA 2009 2 D Garrard LeadershipvsCongregation

WILLIAM K. KAY, Review Article: Visions of Apostolic Mission: Scandinavian Pentecostal Mission to 1935 by David Bundy, 2009     JEPTA 2009 2 WKay on Bundy Vision of Apostolic Mission p.104

OLGA ZAPROMETOVA, Dialogue and the Mission of the Church in Central and Eastern Europe June 3-6, 2009 p.109  [SEE ALL 2009.2 FILE]

Book Reviews  JEPTA 2009 2 Reviews

African Pentecostalism: An introduction, Kalu Ogbu by Mathew Clarke p.111

Pentecostal Theology: A Theology of Encounter, Keith Warrington by Tim Walsh  p.122

The Future of Pentecostalism in the United States, Eric Patterson and Edmund Rybarczyk [eds] by Jean-Daniel Plüss p.115

Philip’s Daughters, Women in pentecostal/Charismatic leadership Estrelda Alexander and Amos Yong by Peg de Alminana …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..117


JEPTA 2010.1  JEPTA 2010 1 30 1 cover Mar 10  JEPTA 2010 1 30 1 Editorial, M Harper, Bookreviews only


Experiencing the Holy Spirit: A Pentecostal reading of the Early Church Fathers: Part 2: Isaac of Nineveh and Simeon the New Theologian by Olga Zaprometova p.1

The Importance of the Welsh Religious Revival in the formation of British Pentecostalism by Khuying Cho p.20

A Challenge from Donald Gee: How to be Faithful to the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Pentecost by Peter Hocken  p.34

Pentecostal Theological Education in a Theological and Missiological Perspective by Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen p.49

Holding Prophets Accountable by Jon K. Newton p.63

Romans 8:  The Chapter of the Spirit by Verena Schafroth  p.80

Serving in the shadows: the ministry role of women in the French Assemblies of God, from 1932 to the present by Victoria Declaudure p.85


Book Reviews

Peter Hocken, The Challenges of the Pentecostal, Charismatic and Messianic Movements: The Tensions of the Spirit: New Critical Thinking in Religion, by R. Pfister p.110

Yannick Fer, Pentecôtisme en Polynésie française. L’Evangile relationnel, by J-D. Pluess  p.111

Niels Christian Hvidt  Christian Prophecy: The Post-Biblical Tradition by D. Lum p.113

JEPTA 2010.2  [Please subscribe to obtain articles from 2010.2 onwards or pay a donation of 5 Euros per article via the paypal buttons on the subscription page.]

Editorial p..1

Kirsteen Kim, Edinburgh 1910 to 2010: From Kingdom to Spirit p.3

Leigh Goodwin, The Pneumatological Motivation and Influences of the Cambridge Seven p.21

Chris Palmer, Mission: The True Pentecostal Heritage as Illustrated in Early British AoG Thinking p.39

Arto Hämäläinen, The Journey of the Finnish Pentecostal Mission:  p.51

Byron Klaus, Growing Edges Have Shifted: Pentecostal Mission in the 21st Century p.65

Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen, ‘The Leaning Tower of Mission in a Postmodern Land’ Ecumenical Reflections on Pentecostal Mission in the After-Edinburgh World   p.82

William K. Kay, Article: The World Missionary Conference, Edinburgh 1910 by B Stanley   p.94

Book reviews

The Spirit and Creation in Paul, John W. Yates, [M. Wenk] p.99

Filled with the Spirit, John R. Levison [M. Wenk] p.100

Mission to the World: Communicating the Gospel in the 21st Century. Essays in Honour of Knud Jørgensen T. Englesviken E.Harbakk, R. Olsen & T. Strandenaes [eds][R. Pfister] p.103

Pentecostalism and Christian Unity: Ecumenical Documents and Critical Assessments Wolfgang Vondey [J-D. Plüss] .105

The Spirit in the World: emerging Pentecostal theologies in global contexts   Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen [W.K. Kay] p.107


JEPTA 2011.1

Joel Edwards,  Justice and Pentecostals                                                               5

Keith Warrington, Social transformation in the missions of Pentecostals: a priority or a bonus?    17

Paul van der Laan, Towards a Pentecostal Theology of Compassion  p. 36

Andrew Davies, The Spirit of Freedom: Pentecostals, The Bible and Social Justice p.53

Kenneth Archer & Rick Waldrop, Liberating Hermeneutics: Toward a Holistic Pentecostal Mission of Peace and Justice   p. 65

Eric Newberg, The Palestine Missionary Band and the Azusa-Jerusalem Connection    p. 81

Cornelis van der Laan, Alexander Boddy: Anglican Father of Dutch Pentecostalism    p.93

Book Reviews

D. Werner, D. Esterline, N. Kang & J. Raja, eds., The Handbook of Theological Education in World Christianity, reviewed by Trudi Smyth.    p.111

Mark J. Cartledge, Testimony in the Spirit reviewed by W. K. Kay p.113

Paul Elbert, Pastoral Letter to Theo: An Introduction to Interpretation and Women’s Ministries reviewed by Adrian Hinkle p.114

Martin W. Mittelstadt, Reading Luke-Acts in the Pentecostal Tradition Reviewed by Matthias Wenk p.117

Richard Harvey, Mapping Messianic Jewish Theology: A Constructive Approach. Studies in Messianic Jewish Theology, reviewed by Raymond Pfister p. 119

Karen L. Bloomquist,Lutherans Respond to Pentecostalism, Theology in the Life of the Church vol. 4, reviewed by Jean-Daniel Plüss p.121

William K. Kay’s Pentecostalism, A very Short Introduction  reviewed by Anne Dyer p.123

JEPTA 2011.2

  1. Editorial   p.125
  2. Pentecostal Eschatology Revisited by Glenn Balfour p.127
  3. What time is it? Half-past three: How to calculate eschatological time…. by Robbie Waddell   p.141
  4. Eschatological Variety in Early Wesleyan Pentecostal Periodicals by Larry McQueen p.153
  5. The Eschatological significance of glory, sonship and inheritance in Romans 8 & 11 David J. Garrard  p.168
  6. Eschatology and the Work Place  by Carol Dover  p.185
  7. Challenges facing Pentecostals today by Keith Warrington p.198
  8. Report on the Manila International Missions Conference 17-20 August 2010  Anne E Dyer p.210


Book reviews: –

Connie Ho Yan Au, Grassroots unity in the Charismatic renewal, (Eugene Oregon: 2011) reviewed by A. E. Dyer p.214

William P. Atkinson, Baptism in the Spirit: Luke-Acts and the Dunn Debate reviewed by W. K. Kay p.215

James Robinson, Divine Healing: The formative years 1830-1890; Theological roots in the Transatlantic World reviewed by A. E. Dyer  p.216

Allan Anderson, Michael Bergunder, André Droogers & Cornelis van der Laan (Eds), Studying Global Pentecostalism: Theories and Methods, reviewed by Ben Pugh p.217

Wolfgang Vondey, Beyond Pentecostalism. The Crisis of Global Christianity and the Renewal of the Theological Agenda, reviewed by Jean Daniel Plüss p.219

Benjamin Simon, From migrants to missionaries: Christians of African Origins in Germany. Studies in the Intercultural hisotry of Christianity Vol. 151  reviewed by Raymond Pfister p.221


JEPTA 2012 32.1

Editorial: W. K. Kay p.1

David Garrard, Burton’s Early Years of Ministry and Doctrine under the auspices of the PMU p.3

Stephen Skuce, Wesleyan Pneumatology p.15

Riku Tippuräinen, Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility in the Gospel of John:An Alternative Interpretation to Andreas J. Köstenberg’s ‘Divine Election’: Reading of John’s Soteriology p.28

Ben Pugh, The Mind of the Spirit: Explorations in the reciprocal relationship between the work of the Spirit and the work of the Son  p.41

David Harvey, ‘Upside-Down Honour’ and the Spirit of the Faithful Son in Galatians p.61

Gregory Kane, Anointed prayer handkerchiefs p.75

James Robinson, James McWhirter: Pentecostal Ecumenist p.87


Review Articles

Review of European Pentecostalism (Edited by William K. Kay & Anne E. Dyer) by Mark Cartledge p.99

Review of European Pentecostalism by Olga Zaprometova  p.100

Response by William K. Kay  p.104

The Holy Spirit and the Public Square: p.106

A Response to Amos Yong’s Who Is the Holy Spirit? A Walk with the Apostles by John [Jack] Levison p.106

The Wide Wide world of the Holy Spirit; a rejoinder from Amos Yong  p.110

Book reviews

Paul Hang-Sik Cho, Eschatology and Ecology: Experiences of the Korean Church, Reviewed by Glenn Balfour p.113

Babatunde Adedibu, Storytelling. An Effective Communication Appeal In Preaching, Reviewed by Jean Daniel Plüss p.114

Amos Yong, In the Days of Caesar: Pentecostalism and Political Theology Reviewed by Connie Au p.115


JEPTA 2012 32.2

Editorial   p.v

Desmond Cartwright – a tribute from Richard Massey p.vii

A Futurist View of Theological Education  p.126

Paul Alexander,  Jesus’ Training & Pentecostal Education Today p.133

Göran Lennartson,  Synergy for designing mission training: Finnish reflections p.149

Arto Hamäläinen & Pasi Parkkila,  Effective Theological Education for Immigrant Churches p.165

Carl Simpson, Training Pentecostal Missionaries: Getting Properly Wired – Hearing and Obeying the Voice of the Spirit  p. 179

DeLonne Rance, Missional education: lessons from Southeast Asia p.179

William K. Kay, ‘Equipped to serve’: The British Pentecostal Movement’s early attempts at training for mission work p.211

David Garrard,W. F. P. Burton and His Missionary Call p. 237

Book review article on Exorcism & Deliverance: Multi-Disciplinary Studies, edited by William K. Kay and Robin Parry .. Reviews by Bettina Schmidt & Cornelis van der Laan and responded to by Robin Parry p. 249

 Book reviews

Paul Clark, German Pentecostal Church Planting 1945-2005 Reviewed by Carl Simpson p.257

Nimi Wariboko, The Pentecostal Principle: Ethical Methodology in New Spirit, Reviewed by Johnathan E. Alvarado p.258

Lalsangkima Pachuau & Knud Jorgensen (Eds), Witnessing to Christ in a Pluralistic Age: Christian Mission among other Faiths  Reviewed by Anne E. Dyer p.260

Sandra Fancello and André Mary, eds. Chrétiens africains en Europe : Prophétismes, pentecôtismes et politique des nations, Religions contemporaines.  Reviewed by Raymond Pfister (Ichthus 21)  p.263

Aaron J. Kuecker, The Spirit and the ‘Other?. Social Identity, Ethnicity and Intergroup Reconciliation in Luke-Act Reviewed by Matthias Wenk  p.265

Gonazalo Haya-Prats, Empowered Believers: The Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts  Reviewed by Ben Pugh p. 268

Peter Ochs, Another Reformation: Postliberal Christianity & the Jews Reviewed by Amos Yong p.269

Elijah J. F. Kim, The Rise of the Global South: The Decline of Western Christendom and the Rise of the Majority World Christianity reviewed by A Dyer p.271


JEPTA 2013 33.1

Editorial p.i

EPTA’s 2013 Conference: Raising the Next Generation of Christian leaders for Pentecostal Churches and outreach: Part 2 of Missional Theological Education  p.iii

Key Speaker: Dr Houlihan p.iii

News around the world p.iv

The Pentecostal World Conference p.iv


Harold D. Hunter, Pentecostal Reflections on Apostolicity p.1

David J. Garrard, William F.P. Burton and the Rupture with the PMU p.14

Gregory Kane, The Exercise of Prophecy in the Early Reformation  p.28

Zachary Tackett, As a Prophetic Voice: Liberationism as a Matrix for Interpreting American Pentecostal Thought and Praxis p.42

Margaret English De Alminana, Reconnecting with the Mystics: Kathryn Kuhlman and the Reshaping of Early Pentecostalism p.58

Steven Felix-Jager, Art and Creation as Play p.77

Jim Harries, African Pentecostalism in Intercultural Linguistic Context p.91

Book reviews

L. William Oliverio Jr., Theological Hermeneutics in the Classical Pentecostal Tradition: A Typological Account, Global Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies 12 (Leiden: Brill, 2012,) reviewed by Mark J. Cartledge p.105

William Tabernee, Prophets and gravestones: An imaginative history of Montanists and other early Christians (Peabody: Hendrikson, 2009) reviewed by Mathew Clark p.108

Lisa. P. Stephenson, Dismantling the Dualisms for American Pentecostal Women in Ministry, (Leiden: Brill, 2011), pp.224 ISBN 978-9004207523 reviewed by Trudi Smyth   p.109

David Bebbington, Victorian Religious Revivals: Culture and Piety in Local and Global Contexts, (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2012) reviewed by David Young p.110

Keith A. Francis and William Gibson (eds), The Oxford Handbook of the British Sermon 1689-1901 reviewed by David Young p.111

Nimi Wariboko, The Pentecostal Principle: Ethical Methodology in New Spirit reviewed by Johnathan E. Alvarado p.113

Michel Sommer, ed. Fascinant Saint-Esprit: Les défis de la spiritualité charismatique,  Collection Perspectives anabaptistes (Charols: Editions Excelsis, 2008) & Claude Baecher, ed. Rédemption et salut: La portée de l’œuvre du Christ pour la vie d’Eglise et pour l’éthique, Collection Perspectives anabaptistes reviewed by Raymond Pfister p.117

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