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This is YOUR site for going places theologically…. across Europe… and beyond… into history… into the future possibilities – in the enabling power of the Holy Spirit.

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Delegates at the 2016 EPTA conference, Florence, Italy.

Delegates at the 2016 EPTA conference, Florence, Italy.

Pentecostal Education…. Theology…. Training …. Missions studies…. with a European base and a global outlook!

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Here is an introductory video for EPTA
EPTA 2015 Introductory message

PEF hosted a Leadership Conference March 4-6 2015 and wishes for pastors and leaders to attend. It is held in Amsterdam.  Our Chair William Kay had a part.

See more on their website. Leadership Summit PEF

Another video featuring Professor William Kay is now available on YouTube. It can be seen on our introduction to EPTA page entitled – Why study theology?!

See the Conference Page for information on the Conference 2015 – Transition and Succession is the theme and for the 2016 conference on the Revangelisation of Europe.

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For what is happening in Europe for Pentecostal outreach see the Links page and PEF’s website.

SBL/SPS has a conference in Seoul, South Korea 3-5 July 2016:  please consider offering a paper connecting a biblical studies aspect with a Pentecostal aspect. Details can be found here 2016 SBL_SPS Call for Papers

Other links among our members and their associated conferences (e.g. for PEF) can be found on the Links page.