Pentecostal Education, with a European base and a global outlook.

As a network of educational institutions across Europe we aim to encourage each other in the task of training the next generation of Christian leaders. We believe that through education at all levels in all ways – vocational and spiritual formation to top academic degrees—we can enhance the church in its mission to the world.

If we aim to plant churches across Europe that are relevant, countercultural and missional, we need to gain from each other’s ways of training. Our conferences and our journal (published twice a year) can enhance this. Your contributions are needed so we can reach the whole of Europe. Papers and blog discussions on educational, theological, ethical, historical and missional topics can help us stay contemporary, relevant and stimulate new ideas we can all share.

We have connections with several denominational groups and national groups. But we would love to have more individual and institutional members, representing different Pentecostal movements throughout Europe. We would be delighted to see you join us.

The Purpose of EPTA

  • To promote excellence and effectiveness in Pentecostal and Charismatic theological, historical, and missional scholarship.
  • To promote excellence in ministerial education.
  • To promote excellence in the production of theological literature in our journal and members’ publications.
  • To foster exchange, fellowship and co-operation between member institutions and individuals.
  • To foster exchange and fellowship between the Association and other associations with similar objectives and commitments.
  • To strengthen the testimony of Jesus Christ and His Church in Europe and to bring glory to God in all actions and concerns.