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Delegates at the 2016 EPTA conference, Florence, Italy.

Delegates at the 2016 EPTA conference, Florence, Italy.

Pentecostal Education…. Theology…. Training …. Missions studies…. with a European base and a global outlook!

Our Chair prof Wm K Kay, sends a message  01/10/2015
If you were with us in Florence for our Annual General Meeting earlier this summer, you will know we decided to ask the publisher of JEPTA to collect our subscriptions on our behalf.  Maney, our publisher, has been bought by the larger firm of Taylor & Francis.  At some point before Christmas you will receive an email from Taylor & Francis asking you to make a payment for the journal.  Part of this payment will then be sent to EPTA as your annual subscription. To make your payment go to
This is also where you will be able to access journal articles.
If you have any problems or queries on the payment matter, please don’t hesitate to contact the Chair or secretary. We fully expect that one or two errors will occur in the whole process.
On a quite different matter, let me take this opportunity to remind you that our conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, next year is on the subject of the Re-evangelisation of the West (27-30 June).  Please make a note in your diary. See the Conference page.

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EPTA 2015 Introductory message

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PEF:  See their page on this site. A comment on migration has been issued on the need for compassion and united action across the churches of PEF to reach out to these 100000s of people who have lost all.  Can we introduce them to the one who lost all to win the world? PEF on migration 2015

Another video featuring Professor William Kay is now available on YouTube. It can be seen on our introduction to EPTA page entitled – Why study theology?!

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For what is happening in Europe for Pentecostal outreach see the Links page and PEF’s website.

SBL/SPS has a conference in Seoul, South Korea 3-5 July 2016:  please consider offering a paper connecting a biblical studies aspect with a Pentecostal aspect. Details can be found here 2016 SBL_SPS Call for Papers

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