Membership Information

To become a member of EPTA you will need to subscribe to the Vision and Purpose statement of the Association, which reads:

“The European Pentecostal Theological Association seeks to provide a forum which promotes active fellowship and networking between Pentecostal educational institutions primarily in Europe and scholars from all over the world, and promotes research, education, and reflection in the broad area of Pentecostal theology.

EPTA was established in 1981 as a fellowship of institutions and individuals in Europe for mutual encouragement with the desire to exchange theological and educational ideas to help their professional work. It acts as a motivational forum for theology, pedagogy, history and leadership formation for Pentecostal educators, colleges and institutions in Europe and further afield. Through the Journal of the European Pentecostal Association (JEPTA) and its regular conferences, EPTA also seeks to inform others concerning Pentecostal scholarship. Through all this activity, EPTA seeks to further the work of God’s kingdom, as expressed in Christ, on earth.”

As suggested in the Vision and Purpose statement, membership is either individual or institutional.

Individual Membership

There are three types of individual membership: full, associate and student.

Full membership is for those who hold an earned graduate degree from a recognised institution of higher education, who either have been or are engaged in Christian higher education (administrative or instructional), or who have made significant scholarly contributions to Pentecostal literature as determined by the Exec. Full members can vote at business meetings and hold office.

Associate membership is for those who are not eligible for full membership but who, in the judgement of the Exec, are otherwise qualified for membership. Associate members can vote at business meetings on some matters, but cannot hold office.

Student membership is for students currently enrolled in institutions of higher learning. Student members can attend all meetings of the Society and present papers, but cannot vote or hold office.

To apply for individual membership, you need to do two things:

  • First fill in the application form: EPTA Individual Membership Application. The form asks you to tell EPTA something about yourself, and to supply the name of one referee. Email it to the EPTA Secretary (address on the form). Your application will be considered by the EPTA Exec, after which, if successful, you will be a ‘candidate member’.
  • Second, once you have received word that you are a candidate member, arrange to pay for EPTA membership, which includes subscription to the Association’s journal, JEPTA. You can do this on the publisher’s website. Here you can buy EPTA full or student membership, which you will note is slightly cheaper than a journal subscription alone.

Once you are a candidate member who has paid your subscription, your name will be presented to the next conference for ratification by members, and you will become a full, associate or student member according to your application.

Institutional Membership

Maybe you are interested in bringing your theological college or institution into membership. Institutional members are drawn from Pentecostal and charismatic institutions in Europe, and nominate a representative to vote on their behalf in business meetings.

To apply for institutional membership, fill in this application form and email to the EPTA secretary (address on the form).